ADDENDUM  -- HOW WE GOT THE DOCUMENTS (written by George Krasnov)

      Dr. Vladislav (George) Krasnow visited the Military Collegium the Supreme Soviet of USSR which was in charge of the "rehabilitation" process. Failing to find Berdichevsky's file among the rehabilitated, they directed him to the FSB Public Reception. After talking there with a colonel on duty, Krasnow wrote an inquiry letter asking them to search for it in the FSB archives. The colonel agreed to accept the letter because at this point Krasnow did not have yet a formal document to affirm his power of attorney, but rather just an informal letter from Utley asking him to initiate the search.  A couple of months later Krasnow was informed that the file was found and that he would be permitted to examine it in the Reading Room of FSB Archives, provided he presented the proper proof of his power of attorney. Krasnow was then able to review the files in Moscow and even copy some essential documents, free of charge.

            The FSB officials who handled the case were consistently cooperative and professional in their approach. One of them advised that there might be other files related to Berdichevsky's second trial, by the Troyka, in Komi Republic's MVD archives in Ukhta.  Krasnow then wrote another letter of inquiry. The reply came via the Russian Embassy in Washington.  Since Berdichevsky was tried a second time as part of a counter-revolutionary group, the reply contained copies of documents related only to Berdichevsky, for the reasons of privacy excluding documents on other prisoners subjected to the same Troyka trial.

Dr. Krasnow is a former professor of Russian studies and, currently, an interpreter for the Department of State in Washington, D,.C.  His email address is